A tattoo not only leaves an indelible mark on your skin, it also leaves a lasting and unforgettable memory of the experience.  At Cottage 13, our team is dedicated to providing each and every client with the best possible experience in an exceptionally clean and comfortable environment and of course with an extraordinary tattoo. Using only the best disposable equipment and high quality pigments your tattoo is guaranteed to last as long as your memory of the experience…forever!   


Cottage 13 has been Hamilton’s most reputable tattoo studio since we opened in 1999.  Nominated time and time again in both VIEW magazine and Hamilton Spectator for Best Tattoo Studio. Our team is composed of mature, professional and knowledgeable tattooers with many years of experience under their belts.  Although each artist has a unique style to offer they are all versatile and capable of creating outstanding body art.   Our entire team has industry specific training in Infection Control and is committed to applying their craft in the cleanest and safest manner possible.   

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Since the mid 90’s body piercing has grown in popularity and acceptance.  Cottage 13 has offered exceptional body piercing service using only the best quality body jewellery in the industry since opening its doors in 1999. 

The importance of a knowledgeable, experienced practitioner with skill in jewellery placement and a thorough understanding of the healing process is essential.  The two piercers on our team are a dynamic duo with years of experience and reassuring bedside manner.  They will confidently guide you through your piercing adventure!  Both Alicia and Yolanda maintain certification from Progressive Mentorship, an industry specific course in Infection Control. They are both committed to providing each client with the best possible service in a clean, comfortable and private setting.


Currently featuring jewellery from North American suppliers such as LeRoi, Industrial Strength, Anatometal and Neometal as well as beautiful Maya earrings and earweights. We continue to bring in new, high quality body jewellery for our discerning clients.  Our pricing reflects both the quality of the product and the experience of the piercers.  

Piercing aftercare products from Body Art Pro are also available and recommended to ensure the healing process is trouble free.  

Vegan Aftercare and Skincare:

Cottage 13 offers a line of responsibly sourced, plant derived vegan aftercare and skincare products created right here in Hamilton by Body Art Pro.

Conscience Beauty Lab offers small batch luxury organic skin care products ideal for aftercare of tattoos & piercings. All products maintain a premium level of quality and are made in an ethical manner using only sustainable ingredients, local in-house manufacturing and packaging sourced within North America.

SimpleCare piercing aftercare spray is an organic based plant and leaf extract that provides gentle and effective relief from inflammation and redness after a piercing procedure. SimpleCare Instantly relieves itch and irritation and helps soothe the skin. Certified Organic Ingredients including Neem Leaf, Black Seed and Comfrey Leaf helps to moisturize and replenish the mineral and fluid balance of the skin. 100% free of alcohol, this hydrating formula evaporates immediately and leaves skin feeling soft and conditioned.

Conscience Beauty Lab body wash is a vegan, organic body wash with a blend of hemp seed and aloe that is super gentle on the skin. It contains skin enhancing botanical extracts and organic vegetable glycerin to provide a pleasant feel and creamy lather.  This product can be used to keep either your healing tattoo or piercing clean.

For moisturizing your healing tattoo, Cottage 13 offers Conscience Beauty Lab Triple Moisture Herbal Body Lotion.  This lotion is formulated using the highest quality cold-pressed, natural and organic oils with botanical extracts.  This product is as luxurious as it is effective in keeping your healing tattoo moisturized.

Also available is Conscience Beauty Lab Facial Cleanser.  This green tea and chamomile cleanser naturally removes dirt, bacteria and excess oil. Leaving your skin balanced and clean without effecting the natural pH or drying the skin. 

These products are ideal for cleansing your new tattoo or piercing.  They are not tested on animals and are great for you and the environment!

Vespidame (apparel):

"Vespidae" is the scientific name of a family of wasps.  It is only natural that a clothing label that began with the creation of exquisite, hand made corsets should pay homage in name to the waspish waist.  As a skilled seamstress and professional body piercer, creator Yolanda Pierces is no stranger to the sting of a needle.  It seems only fitting that Vespidame was born of this...truly blood, sweat and tears!

Vespidame has grown to include beautifully made skirts to accompany the corsets as well as comfortable jersey dresses for less lavish occasions.  Unique silk screened art, often created by Cottage 13 tattooers, is lovingly hand printed on fabric to create unique clothing and accessories.  It is Vespidame's mission to compel everyone to defy monotony.  Whether it is wearing a sleeve of tattooed hearts or daring to dress dramatically: this is your armour, don't be afraid to make your mark!