Jen has been part of “the cottage” crew since its conception in 1999.  When we first opened our doors she was the tattooer.  Jen has attended a number of Canadian universities for fine art and graphic design.  Her tattooing career began in 1997 and took her across our great country.  With a little phone call and a lot of courage she relocated to Hamilton in 1999 and helped us open our shop.  Jen is without a doubt the most respected tattooer in our city.  Known primarily for colourful, large-scale pieces as well as black and grey.  Jen’s talent is highly sought after by many.  She prefers organic, nature based imagery such as plants and animals, but is extremely versatile and can create beautiful designs in almost any style.  Jen is in constant pursuit of professional perfection.  Her linework is impeccable and her colour can be spotted a mile away. 

Instagram: @poppyjen
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Chris Hall is an integral part of our tattoo family. Tattooing since 1999, Chris is incredibly versatile and able to quickly discern what his clients are looking for. His style leans towards traditional designs that demand clean line work and solid colour and Chris is able to deliver on both fronts.  His professional approach and firm handshake will put you instantly at ease.  You can be fully confident that a tattoo by Professor Hall will be admired forever.

Instagram: @professorhall
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Caroline Murakami has devoted many years to Cottage 13. Her supernatural organizational skills as receptionist and talent for drawing led naturally to a tattoo apprenticeship in 2015. Caroline is now well on her way to putting her mark on Hamilton’s tattoo scene.

Don’t let Caroline’s beautiful smile and sweet disposition fool you…she can lay in a mean tattoo! Clients are eagerly seeking out her original designs which are frequently posted on Instagram.

Her tattoo style continues to evolve. Her original designs are quirky and often include obscure living creatures (which she loves) from axolotl to zorilla.

We are proud to have her on our team!

Instagram: @fingernailtea

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 ALICIA LOWE                                                                                              PIERCER

Alicia has been piercing professionally since 2004. One of her greatest skills is in consulting with clients and recommending the best piercing and jewellery options to suit the anatomy.  Alicia is incredibly passionate about her job and loves piercing with the beautiful, high quality pieces we have available in our showcase.  She maintains certification from Progressive Mentorship in bloodbourne pathogens, infection prevention and control. Alicia was a recipient of the Al D. Scholarship for the 2017 Association of Professional Piercers Conference. This event, held annually in Las Vegas, provides a tremendous opportunity for learning and networking within the piercing community.  It is truly our good fortune to have her bring this knowledge back to our studio!

instagram @alicialowe1

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Yolanda began her journey as a body piercer in Hamilton in 1997.  She very quickly gained a reputation for her skill in jewellery placement and excellent bedside manner.  Cottage 13 is synonymous with impeccable health and safety standards, quality body jewellery and professional service.  With almost 2 decades of piercing experience, Yolanda is by far one of the most qualified piercers in Hamilton and surrounding area.  She is committed to providing each and every client with a positive experience in a comfortable setting and making each procedure as quick and painless as possible.  Using only the best quality body jewellery in the industry and offering vegan aftercare products will ensure both your piercing and healing experience will be successful.  Yolanda has obtained a certificate from Progressive Mentorship and is fully trained in infection control.

Instagram: @yolandapierces

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As one of the founding members of Cottage 13, Andrew has played an essential role in developing our stellar reputation.  From its conception to designing and building our space, Andrew fulfills many rolls from manager to maintenance.  He has provided direction and professionalism as our team and our business has grown and evolved.   Tattooing since 2001, his main focus is to tattoo walk-in clients.   His passion and dedication to the trade continues to produce opportunities in other areas related to our industry.