Cottage 13: The Name

If you’ve ever wondered where the name “Cottage 13” came from, this is the story:


We originally came across the reference to “Cottage 13” in a CBS Reports Documentary entitled LSD: The Spring Grove Experiment.


In 1965 the Spring Grove Hospital, in Baltimore, Maryland began a federally sponsored program to provide experimental treatment on patients using LSD.  The experiments were undertaken to assist those in desperate need of help for emotional disorders and addiction.

Within the context of the experiment a handful of patients were treated with the drug not as a cure but as a tool for psychotherapy.  These treatments were undertaken in an outbuilding of the main hospital called Cottage 13.


The treatment was more faith healing than scientific medicine, not unlike a shamanic experience.   The room was furnished with familiar objects and photos relevant to the patient.  Patients were subsequently led on a journey with the objective of working though their issues via the powerful LSD experience resulting in an emotional break though, surrender and ultimately a resolution to their problems.  Although somewhat anecdotal, patients in this treatment program claimed to be reborn.  Their lives transformed, the transcendental experience had the power to completely change their behavior. 


Our choice to assume the name “Cottage 13” reflects on the changes that can result from a powerful experience, not unlike tattooing or piercing.  Although many people simply get tattooed or pierced for esthetic reasons, the transformation often transcends the body modification and symbolizes a more profound, psychological change: an acceptance or acknowledgement of your true self.  It is often cathartic; like purification through a painful experience that can leave you renewed and restored.  It can change the way you see the world and the way the world sees you. 

Many people claim tattoos and piercings are addictive


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